24/7 Breakdown Towing Services

Aubs Auto Towing was founded in 1995 and has since been providing 24 hour a day towing and recovery services in East London and surrounding areas.

Our main services include:

  • Accident & emergency towing of motor vehicles.

  • Recoveries of motor vehicles.

  • Roadside Assistance (jump starts & tyre changes).

  • Towing of all motor vehicles weighing up to 5 Tons.

  • Towing of containers (empty shipping containers 6 meters in length).

  • Towing of forklifts and smaller construction equipment.

Rollbacks Exclusively

We are currently using rollbacks exclusively, no slingbacks, trailers or such for towing of motor vehicles.

This is due to higher risk of damaging vehicles when using slingbacks and other methods.

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